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Matt and Lars

Sports talk and more from long time Birmingham sportscaster Matt Coulter, and former Troy Trojan and New York Giant Matt Allen. These guys make sports fun again.

Oct 26, 2021

Fatherly moment between Bryce and Saban, bad call in OU/KU game and the Beverly Hillbillies headline this week's show. 

Oct 18, 2021

Rocky Top was not home sweet home, Bama bounced back and Bo knows roads wins. Also, buy this book: A Season in the Sun---Lars Anderson. 

Oct 13, 2021

Antonio Langham gives the DEEPEST dive into the Aggies win. "Alabama is memorizing, not learning", fascinating stuff, UGA is #1 and where is Auburn and Lars? 

Oct 5, 2021

The Tide and Bulldogs are the best in CFB. Bo Nix success at LSU is just in time for UGA. The Flames may have burned the Blazers, but the Protective party is just starting. Also, Matt was in Talladega all weekend and with Bubba Wallace and has the historic report.