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Matt and Lars

Sports talk and more from long time Birmingham sportscaster Matt Coulter, and former Troy Trojan and New York Giant Matt Allen. These guys make sports fun again.

Jun 27, 2018

Or more importantly, would you buy it knowing that Matty A was punting in the nude? Matty A had his A game on during this show, "I think Nick Saban has made some very good decisions while at Alabama!". He also told us about that getting into the Meadowlands was harder than breaking into Fort Knox. Matty C was just along...

Jun 20, 2018

The Russians are out of beer!!!!
What a cool question, think about it your self and then listen to see what Matt 'n Matt think. Speaking of Saban, wonder what he thinks about Jeremy Pruitt's accusation of former Tide OL Brandon Kennedy? Also, will James Spann take the Rocky Mountain Oyster plunge?

Jun 13, 2018

Former NFLer Matt Allen can tell you,....first hand. The Matts challenge the new SEC transfer rule and even bring up the possibility of it benefitting Alabama. Whoa is Auburn baseball after a heartbreaking loss to Florida. Reggie Bush is awarded 12.5 million for what? 

Jun 6, 2018

The boat broke down, the Matts agree that won't be the case when the Tide sets sail this fall. There is a new pro football league, the AAF. Steve Spurrier is the coach in Orlando, Birmingham is in as well, anyone heard of Tim Lewis? Auburn's Ace is the top Tiger in the MLB draft and the donkey of the week/ year belongs...