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Matt and Lars

Sports talk and more from long time Birmingham sportscaster Matt Coulter, and former Troy Trojan and New York Giant Matt Allen. These guys make sports fun again.

Aug 30, 2021

Lars and Matt see Alabama grinding out Miami. Auburn will Zip past Akron, and then,…..the marquee game: Georgia vs. Clemson. Week 1 is here!

Aug 24, 2021

How will Harsin's two weeks away from practice affect AU? Did Billingsley hear Saban? Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Aug 16, 2021

AP poll….who needs to look? Spencer for Heisman. Ted for dog of the year.

Aug 10, 2021

Matt and Lars both have personal recollections. Alabama is #1 with the coaches and Will and Kirby are reunited!

Aug 3, 2021

When will they actually join? Is Austin also going to have an NFL team? Wait,....Simone Biles is back? Also, Hello Huntsville's JuVaughn Harrison and have you ever had a sandwich from Runza's?